Welcome to Kelsey Patterson(WestGen Bullseye January 2017)

We are pleased to announce that Kelsey Patterson has joined the team at Boviteq West...learn more 

Maximize Your Genetic Investment (Cowsmopolitan, December 2016)

Did you know that 30 oocytes can be pooled...learn more 

The Best Breed the Best... But do they Breed Females?(WestGen Bullseye, Novmeber 2016)

Boviteq West's IVF Technologies does!...learn more 


We have every base covered! (Cowsmo, October 2016)

Boviteq West is your total solution for IVF and ET services...learn more  

Boviteq West Results Benefit All WestGen Customers (WestGen Bullseye, September 2016)

As Boviteq West moves forward, we will see more and more benefits... learn more 

Baby Bison born at the U of S using In Vitro Fertilization (July 2016)

Some exciting research has been taking place at the University of Saskatchewan in the WestGen Reproduction Suite... learn more 

Boviteq West's New Look (June 2016)

Boviteq West unveils a new logo... learn more

Recipient Recruitment! (WestGen Bullseye, March 2016)

We need more!!!!! We're looking to increase our recipient providers... learn more

Accelerating Genetic Progress (Topstock Advertisement, March 2016)

Faster Genetic Progress for your Beef Program... view the ad

The Best Breed the Best... (Cowsmo Advertisement, March 2016)

...but do they Breed Females? Boviteq West's IVF Technologies does... view the ad

Making it Easy! (Cowsmo Advertisement, December 2015)

With a 5 PACK! 5 IVF collections with a 20 embryo guarantee... view the ad

Looking to the Future

A new home for the WestGen Group... learn more

Join us at Agribition 2015!

November 23-28, 2015... learn more

The Equation is Simple (WestGen Bullseye, November 2015)

Boviteq West's IVF Program equals ... view the ad

Two Years and Going Strong (Cowsmo Advertisement, September 2015)

8 Things Boviteq West Can Bring to Your Breeding Program... view the ad

Two Years and Counting (WestGen Bullseye, September 2015)

This August was the 2nd anniversary of Boviteq West’s creation, and we’re proud to see the company continuing to flourish...read more

The Circle is Complete! (WestGen Bullseye, July 2015)

She has completed the Boviteq West circle, as she was born out of the very IVF technology that she will now be contributing to as a donor...read more

Making a Difference (WestGen Bullseye, May 2015)

As the number of farmers utlizing Boviteq West's in vitro fertilization increases, so too does awareness of the vast benefits that this technology... read more

Don't Just Make Embryos... (Cowsmo Advertisement, May 2015)

Make Calves... view the ad

Multiply Your Ladies of Distinction (Rocky Mountain Sale Advertisement, March 2015)

Boviteq West is here to help you achieve your genetic dreams.. view the ad

Seizing the Moment (WestGen Bullseye, March 2015)

Boviteq West’s proven In-Vitro Fertilization service gives you more choice, giving you the opportunity to make hay when the sun shines on your breeding program... read more

When the Market Comes Calling  (Cowsmo Advertisement, March 2015)

Timeliness is the key... view the ad

Boviteq West Continues to Grow (WestGen Bullseye, January 2015)

Thank you for your confidence in us this past year – we look forward to serving you even better in 2015... read more

Cash in Early with Boviteq West (WestGen Bullseye, November 2014)

For those Western Canadian business people that participate in genetic marketing, never before have there been such exciting options... read more

We Have Stories to Tell  (WestGen Bullseye, September 2014)

We've now completed our first year in business and we've enjoyed the success that has come with it... read more

Exploring New Avenues  (WestGen Bullseye, July 2014)

As Boviteq West becomes more established and results continue to please so we see developments in new directions...read more

Accelerate Your Genetic Success (WestGen Bullseye, May 2014)

Botiveq West offers cattle breeders in Western Canada the opportunity to...read more

Boviteq West Continues to Move Forward(WestGen Bullseye, March 2014)

As we continue to evolve here at Boviteq West, we see continual growth and development...read more

Boviteq West Update (WestGen Bullseye, September 2013)

There can be no better advertising for a company than word of mouth and repeat customers and we have both...read more



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