WestGen Bullseye, July 2015

The Circle is Complete

Boviteq West has been steadily growing and evolving ever since we established ourselves here in Western Canada, and now we’re proud to say that we’ve reached yet another milestone.

While every new donor brings excitement to the barn, our newest addition, Morsan Alexa L 2244, represents something extra special. She has completed the Boviteq West circle, as she was born out of the very IVF technology that she will now be contributing to as a donor. This goes to show the level of trust that our customers have for Boviteq West – they trust us not only with advancing their genetic business, but also with the start of the next generation.

  Hamming Enforcer Darling
Jr. Champion
2014 Fraser Valley Fall Show
Don't Just Make Embryos... Make Calves!
Boviteq West is a multi-resource company. Our recipient herd is a tried and true resource for all to utilize, at any time. Our pregnancy rate is proof that the quality of our operation, including our extensive health testing and dedicated staff, is hard to match. In this fast-moving age, embryos make no money in the tank. The Boviteq West model allows you to get those embryos implanted, whether it’s to produce show age calves, or to reduce inventory. We take the risk and scheduling off your hands and you purchase only those recipients that become pregnant, increasing your on-farm efficiency. Make our resources your marketing advantage! 









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