Boviteq West’s new home in Abbotsford

Boviteq West has moved to Abbotsford on October 30, 2017. The new barn was started May 2017 and holds up to 40 donors and 90 recipients. The new barn in located at 1625 Angus Campbell Road, Abbotsford behind the WestGen building.

Open House

November 26, 2017 marked the celebration of WestGen and Boviteq West’s new barn in Abbotsford.

The rain held off and with it being a Saturday affair, families came out in numbers to see the recently inaugurated WestGen and Boviteq West barns. In attendance was Mayor Henry Braun of the City of Abbotsford; as well as both current WestGen staff and Board members; the construction crew and sub-contractors who worked tirelessly to complete on the barn, Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic and Agwest Veterinary Group and local press. Hundreds of farm families took part to take a peek on this perfect fall day, to pay witness to the ribbon cutting and to tour the new facilities. There was food, IVF demonstrations, 70 cows and heifers and a number of exhibits.

“Our former barns now well over 60 years old, were built at a time when Langley was primarily a farming community. As the city grew around us, and many farmers moved further eastward into the valley, it was time for WestGen to reinvest in its future and move with them. Abbotsford is in the heart of the BC dairy industry and is an ideal location from which to serve our customers in Western Canada. This barn was designed not only to gain efficiencies, but also to be used as an educational centre for our members and owners to use for generations to come. WestGen is a farmer-owned organization, and this is their building,” said WestGen CEO, Chris Parry.

With this second phase of WestGen’s move to Abbotsford now complete, the company is excited to begin the next chapter in their history.