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Taking Genetics to the Marketplace

At Stanhope-Wedgwood not only do we believe in developing great cow families, but in marketing them as well. Boviteq West’s IVF technologies allow us to multiply those families very quickly by maximizing female creation with the use of reverse sorted semen.

Having now collected 14 individual donors, the East West Connection Sale which we held in the fall of 2015 alone contained 11 resulting IVF calves – and there are many more still at home and in the pipeline.

Ridley Wikkerink

Stanhope-Wedgwood, Cobble Hill, BC

Calves on the Ground and Embryos in the Tank


"Due to the increasing demand for our unique Lowline Angus genetics throughout the world, we felt the need to multiply our herd from our leading donors. Boviteq West's IVF options offered the chance to multipy quickly with various sires, with calves on the ground and embryos in the tank, it's been a tremendous success."

Russ Crawford

Highpoint Lowline Angus, Victoria, BC

We're Making Lots of These

Having worked with Boviteq West previously on a young genomic heifer with great success, when we wanted to multiply females off one of our up and coming brood cows, Boviteq West seemed the logical answer. We have been able to create 90 plus female embryos in a real short space of time. For ourselves and Robella Dundee Eden this has been a great success and we look forward to the future opportunity to work with so many of her offspring.

Kenton Lindenbach,

Robella Holsteins, Balgonie, SK

Robella Goldwyn Edgeley VG-88-3YR-CAN
Siesta time for Ariel and Lauramie

As we develop our genetic businesses, the IVF services of Boviteq West have allowed us to maximize their growth. IVF technology, specifically its increased mating frequency, has allowed us to rapidly take advantage of genetic progress. We’re now able to produce embryos from multiple matings at a much faster pace. We’re also able to utilize our genetics at an earlier stage with IVF, which again increases the speed of our genetic advancement.

We have now reached the stage where progeny resulting from IVF are enrolled back into Boviteq West’s program. In addition, some of our show girls are taking advantage of being able to create those influential females we desire. Boviteq West’s program has been extremely valuable to our business."

Darren and Jeff Kooyman

Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, BC

Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie EX-95-2E-CAN
MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92-USA 5*
Increased Responsiveness to Market Demands

“Having had numerous donors through the program at Boviteq West, including pregnant ones, the IVF technology has provided us with a variety of solutions to our breeding program. The technology not only allows us to move at a rapid genetic pace, but also increases our responsiveness to market demands.”

Ridley Wikkerink

Wedgwood Holsteins, Cobble Hill, BC

 Wedgwood Holsteins, Cobble Hill, BC 
 Creating New Opportunities

“Working with Boviteq West IVF Technologies has created new opportunities for Hamming Holsteins. This comes both from the rapid production of female embryos from our emerging brood cow (and 2014 BC Cow of the Year), Elmbridge Goldwyn Darling, and the use of their high-health recipient herd to help with the timely creation of show-aged calves.”

Brian & David Hamming 

Hamming Holsteins, Vernon, BC

Hamming Enforcer Darling
Jr. Champion
2014 Fraser Valley Fall Show 
An Extremely Valuable Option for Older Cows

 “After personally touring their facilities in Milner, BC, I have complete faith that Boviteq West provides exceptional care for the animals we send them. Despite the fact that each of the four mature cows we sent had not produced viable embryos through conventional flushing in over a year, all four generated pleasing results with IVF. This is a testament to how valuable an option this service is for older cows. Judge for yourself the high quality cows we've generated with the assistance of Boviteq West.”

Dr. David Chalack 

Rockymountain Holsteins, Cochrane, AB

Irwindale Leduc Macy EX-95-4E-CAN
Raeland Leduc Wilhelmina EX-92-2E-CAN
Idee Rudolph Liberty VG-89-3YR-CAN 
Work with Young Donors Earlier

“Having access to IVF has allowed us to work with young donors earlier than we ever thought possible. Working with Boviteq West also allowed us to use pre-release bulls, which is a must in a rapid paced marketplace. This is a great opportunity for Western Canadina breeders. We produced the #2 Red and #3 RC Heifers in the world (GTPI 10/14) using IVF on BABY GIRL at Boviteq West.”

Ian Crosbie 

Benbie Holsteins, Caron, SK

Calbrett Uno Baby Girl 







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