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Boviteq West’s New Look

Boviteq West is pleased to unveil its new look! The re-designed logo reflects the company’s close ties to WestGen, with the similar text elements and the signature DNA Helix design to make the connection between the two brands clear. The logo maintains the original colours of Boviteq West to promote brand continuity. If you [...]

Recipient Recruitment: We need MORE!

With success and the increase of donor numbers, comes the need for more and more recipients and we’re always trying to increase our recipient providers. Recipient criteria can be found here, but if any WestGen customers wish to discuss criteria, price, and any other answers, please don’t hesitate to contact us either via email info@boviteqwest.com or call 1-800-657-5613. Boviteq [...]

Accelerating Genetic Progress

Accelerating Genetic Progress Faster Genetic Progress for your Beef Program More calves / donor / year Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional often achieve better results with IVF Pregnant cows can continue to be collected to 100 days pregnant and sometimes beyond Reverse sorted semen maximizes female or male creation from sires not [...]

The Best Breed the Best… but do they Breed Females?

The Best Breed the Best... but do they Breed Females? Boviteq West's IVF Technologies does! Taking Genetics to the Marketplace "At Stanhope-Wedgwood not only do we believe in developing great cow families, but in marketing them as well. Boviteq West's IVF technologies allow us to multiply those families very quickly by maximizing female creation [...]

Making it Easy With a 5 Pack!

5 IVF COLLECTIONS 20 EMBRYO GUARANTEE UTILIZE BOVITEQ WEST RECIPIENT HEIFERS INCLUDE: DONOR HOUSING, IVF PROCESS & FREEXING FEES 6 EASY PAYMENTS $1599/MONTH The 20 embryo  guarantee applies to one donor collected 5 times. If donor is withdrawn from collection before completion of the 5 pack, standard pricing applies. 20 embryo guarantee is defined [...]

Looking to the Future

After writing nearly 70 years of history on the Milner property through many phases of the company’s development, the WestGen Group of Companies is moving to Abbotsford to be nearer to the heart of BC’s dairy industry. It is a big step and underscores the commitment being made to ensure the next 70 years [...]

Join us at Agribition!

Join us at our booth at Canadian Western Agribition 2015! November 25-28, 2015 at Evraz Place, Regina, Saskatchewan. http://www.boviteqwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/agribition.jpg http://www.boviteqwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/beef.jpg

The Equation is Simple

WestGen Bullseye, November 2015 Girls, Girls, Girls! The Equation is Simple: Boviteq West's IVF Program + Reverse Sorted Semen | Sexed Semen = Heifers, Heifers, Heifers! http://www.boviteqwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Bullseye_Nov201511.jpg

Two Years and Going Strong

8 Things Boviteq West Can Bring to Your Breeding Program Faster Beef or Dairy Genetic Improvement Heifers can be enrolled at 7 months - a younger age than with conventional Flushing More calves per donor per year Fertilize multiple donors’ oocytes with a single unit of semen Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional [...]

Two Years and Counting

This August was the 2nd anniversary of Boviteq West’s creation, and we’re proud to see the company continuing to flourish as we help more and more people to understand and reap the benefits of our IVF process. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of diversity pass through our barns- we’ve collected [...]