Did you know? We’re more than just IVF!

View our latest ad in the May 2018 WestGen Bullseye. Did you know? We do more than just IVF!   At Boviteq West we offer Conventional Flushing Services for beef and dairy cattle. Our services include: Round the Clock Care A focus on Cow Comfort Precise Protocols Access to our Highly Trained Veterinary Teams [...]

Baby Bison born at the University of Saskatchewan

Some exciting research has been taking place at the University of  Saskatchewan in the WestGen Reproduction Suite . Researchers have been collaborating to produce these amazing results. Read the articles linked below: Scientists in Saskatchewan may have figured out how save the wood bison: through in vitro fertilization – National Post (includes interview with Gregg Adams, a [...]

Accelerating Genetic Progress

Accelerating Genetic Progress Faster Genetic Progress for your Beef Program More calves / donor / year Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional often achieve better results with IVF Pregnant cows can continue to be collected to 100 days pregnant and sometimes beyond Reverse sorted semen maximizes female or male creation from sires not [...]

Two Years and Going Strong

8 Things Boviteq West Can Bring to Your Breeding Program Faster Beef or Dairy Genetic Improvement Heifers can be enrolled at 7 months - a younger age than with conventional Flushing More calves per donor per year Fertilize multiple donors’ oocytes with a single unit of semen Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional [...]