Western Canadian Breeder’s Club

A self-funded, self-governed club to help Western Canadian Dairy Farmers market their genetics. WestGen provides assistance in finding buyers and facilitating transactions to sell your embryos. Strong international markets still exist for good cow families, show type, red and white, or index breeding. We will support you in creating marketable matings, meeting buyers, branding your farm and promoting our superior Canadian genetics worldwide to maximize your success.

Benefits of the club:

  • Forum for members to share knowledge
  • List your embryos on WestGen’s website
  • Coordinate trades, shipments, purchases or sales through club’s network
  • Club advertising that benefits all members
  • Your embryos and donor cows could be listed on club partner websites such as HolsteinForum.de
  • Selling overseas means you never compete against your own genetics locally!
  • Member discounts for embryo export
  • Western Canadian Breeder’s Club logo to use on your own website
  • Membership fees used by the Club to grow its members’ market
  • Maximize your ROI on donors within your own program

How will the Club help my farm?

  • Expertise and advice on marketable matings for a broad marketplace.
  • Herd Profiles and Breeder information on the Breeders Club landing page
  • Assistance on effective farm websites and special pricing on new, easy to maintain website options provided through WestGen.
  • Providing knowledge sharing opportunities through the network of breeders and club events.
  • The club will actively pursue and tour potential international marketers and buyers for its members.
  • The club will partner with respected marketers such as HolsteinForum.de to try to bring business to its members.

What else do I need to know?

The club is funding its efforts with a membership fee of $250/yr. The club has already networked local breeders to international buyers through its marketing contacts. The first Western Canadian Breeders Club embryo shipment is in transit overseas at press time.

Contact wcbc@westgen.com for more information.

How do I get Started?

  1. Join The Western Canadian Breeder’s Club for only $250/year*
  2. Have your website listed on the WestGen Breeder’s Showcase page (Free to members in 2017!)
  3. Talk to WestGen to make your plan on how to create Marketable Genetics

*Membership fees are held and used by WCBC for club marketing purposes.