The IVF procedure involves creating embryos from unfertilized egg cells (oocytes) by fertilizing them with semen in a Petri dish. A trained technician or veterinarian collects oocytes from a donor cow using an ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration technique.

The techniques developed by our Québec-based namesake, Boviteq™ have enabled us to create exceptional quality embryos, and to return the highest possible percentage of embryos back to our customers’ facilities for implantation, dramatically reducing their per embryo costs…

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Boviteq West offers a complete In Vivo Embryo Collection and Transfer (conventional flushing) program. The donors can be housed at Boviteq West’s facility with the entire process carried out by experienced Boviteq West veterinarians and technicians. This program offers the customer all the benefits of conventional flushing without the stresses of setting up the donor, timely hormone administration, heat detection and artificial insemination. Customers can take advantage of the Boviteq West Recipient Program where we will set up recipients for the fresh embryos. The program is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer…

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Recipient Program

The program is not exclusive for our IVF customers. It can be tailored to meet the needs of any client needing access to extra recipients. Only having to purchase recipients at 60 days pregnant, it presents a great opportunity. The recipient herd has proven very successful for producers who have limitations in running a recipient program. All of our recipients maintain a high health status, being tested for Leucosis, Neospora and BVD prior to entry and again after entering the premises…

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Did you know that up to 60 oocytes can be developed together in one IVF lab process for fertilization? Pooling multiple donors is a cost effective way to maximize returns from your genetic investment.

Allow our specially trained lab technicians to select the best oocytes from multiple donors and pool them. Pooling oocytes both lowers costs, and increases the potential for high quality embryos making it an effective choice for all producers…

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Boviteq West Barn

View our photo gallery of our new state of the art barn or contact us to arrange your tour of Boviteq West today. Demonstrations of collections are possible with our collection room viewing area.

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