Cowsmo September 2017 Issue

Did you know? Boviteq West also provides Conventional Flushing and Implantation of Embryos into our Recipient Herd in addition to our IVF Services!

Cowsmo June 2017 Issue

Turn Embryos into Calves! Banked embryos steadily depreciate in value. Boviteq West recipients are an excellent option to turn those embryos into calves!

Cowsmo March 2017 Issue

Maximize Your Genetic Investment! Did you know that 60 oocytes are able to be pooled into one maturation tube?

Maximize your Genetic Investment

Did you know that 60 oocytes can be pooled into one maturation tube? Pooling multiple donors is a cost effective way to maximize your genetic investment. Allow our specially trained lab technicians to select the best oocytes from each of 3 donors and pool them. Pooling oocytes both lowers costs, and increases the potential for high quality embryos making [...]

We have every base covered!

We have every base covered! Boviteq West is your total solution for IVF and ET services. Our housing of donors offers a complete management program that enhances your results. Boviteq West's high health status recipient program maximizes the use of all embryos. The technology allows for quick multiplication of genetics creating either female of [...]

The Best Breed the Best… but do they Breed Females?

The Best Breed the Best... but do they Breed Females? Boviteq West's IVF Technologies does! Taking Genetics to the Marketplace "At Stanhope-Wedgwood not only do we believe in developing great cow families, but in marketing them as well. Boviteq West's IVF technologies allow us to multiply those families very quickly by maximizing female creation [...]

Making it Easy With a 5 Pack!

5 IVF COLLECTIONS 20 EMBRYO GUARANTEE UTILIZE BOVITEQ WEST RECIPIENT HEIFERS INCLUDE: DONOR HOUSING, IVF PROCESS & FREEXING FEES 6 EASY PAYMENTS $1599/MONTH The 20 embryo  guarantee applies to one donor collected 5 times. If donor is withdrawn from collection before completion of the 5 pack, standard pricing applies. 20 embryo guarantee is defined [...]

Two Years and Going Strong

8 Things Boviteq West Can Bring to Your Breeding Program Faster Beef or Dairy Genetic Improvement Heifers can be enrolled at 7 months - a younger age than with conventional Flushing More calves per donor per year Fertilize multiple donors’ oocytes with a single unit of semen Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional [...]