IVF at Boviteq West

Boviteq West is a comprehensive reproductive solutions provider, aimed at finding the right genetic solution for every animal and every client. As a part of the WestGen Group of Companies, Boviteq West is able to offer many different services that help producers achieve their genetic goals. While IVF is central to the Boviteq West business, we also offer a recipient herd program, conventional flushing, embryo transfer, problem donor solutions, as well as a complete WestGen™ Genetic Plan.

The IVF procedure involves creating embryos from unfertilized egg cells (oocytes) by fertilizing them with semen in a Petri dish. A trained technician or veterinarian collects oocytes from a donor cow using an ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration technique.

The techniques developed by our Québec-based namesake, Boviteq™ have enabled us to create exceptional quality embryos, and to return the highest possible percentage of embryos back to our customers’ facilities for implantation, dramatically reducing their per embryo costs.

Boviteq West’s Services can be used to improve your herd’s:

  • LPI

  • Pro$

  • Reproduction

  • TPI

  • Milk

  • Net Merit

  • Health

Boviteq West IVF Process

Advantages of IVF